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Medical Billing and Coding

What is it?

A medical billing and coding specialist acts as a bridge between healthcare providers and insurance companies, ensuring accurate and efficient billing for medical services. Their responsibilities involve two key areas: medical coding and medical billing.

Medical Coding:

  • Analyzing medical records: They review patients’ medical records, including physician notes, diagnoses, procedures, and medications, to identify the appropriate medical codes.
  • Assigning medical codes: Using their knowledge of medical terminology and coding systems like ICD-10 (International Classification of Diseases) and CPT (Current Procedural Terminology), they assign accurate codes that represent the services provided to the patient.
  • Ensuring coding accuracy: They verify the accuracy and completeness of assigned codes, adhering to established guidelines and regulations.

Medical Billing:

  • Preparing and submitting claims: Based on the assigned codes, medical billing specialists prepare and submit claims to insurance companies for reimbursement.
  • Following up on claims: They track the status of submitted claims, identify and address any denials or rejections, and ensure timely payment from insurance companies.
  • Managing patient accounts: They may also manage patient accounts, including sending patient statements, addressing billing inquiries, and collecting patient co-pays or deductibles.

Here are some additional tasks that medical billing and coding specialists may perform:

The healthcare industry and coding systems constantly evolve, so specialists need to stay up to date with the latest regulations and changes.

They may need to communicate with patients to clarify billing information or address any questions or concerns. They may also communicate with insurance companies to inquire about denied claims or obtain additional information.

They ensure proper documentation and record-keeping of all billing and coding activities.

* Salary Range

$34,500 - $47,800

(entry level – experienced)

* Regional Jobs Available


(3 year forecast)

Length of Training

15 weeks

Type of Training

In Person

Is it Right For You?

Here are some essential skills and qualities for success in this field:

  • Strong attention to detail and accuracy: Ensuring accurate medical codes and billing information is crucial.
  • Excellent organizational skills: Managing multiple tasks, deadlines, and patient accounts requires strong organizational skills.
  • Analytical and problem-solving skills: They need to analyze medical records, identify coding issues, and resolve billing discrepancies.
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills: Effective communication with patients, insurance companies, and other healthcare professionals is essential.
  • Computer literacy and proficiency in medical billing software: Familiarity with relevant software and technology is crucial for efficient workflow.

Overall, medical billing and coding specialists play a vital role in the healthcare system by ensuring accurate and timely reimbursement for medical services. It’s a growing career path with various employment opportunities in hospitals, clinics, physician practices, and insurance companies.

* Pay Range Data: Occupational Employment Wages Statistics (OEWS). 2023-Q3.
* Demand: Forecast data is based off national projections provided by the BoLS and adapted for regional growth patterns by Chmura.