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Great Jobs KC officially launched on September 28, 2016, as KC Scholars, intending to change lives in and around Kansas City. The program provided college scholarships to low- and moderate-income 9th graders, 11th graders, and adult learners, who could use the scholarship dollars at our post-secondary partners.


In 2023 our mission expanded. We know college isn’t the path for everyone and isn’t always a promise of success. We added our Great Jobs KC Job Training Program providing tuition-free job training to adults in Kansas City making less than $45,000/year. We know that a college degree or a training certificate doesn’t automatically equal a family-sustaining paycheck so we’ve created our Employer Engagement and Career Resource Teams who work with our graduated Scholars to find them GREAT JOBS. Expanding our mission and the way we support our Scholars brought about an organizational name change to Great Jobs KC in 2023. Our college scholarship program is still called KC Scholars but our overall goal is to find our Scholars, whether they’ve achieved a college degree or a job training certification, a GREAT JOB in Kansas City.

Core Values

Every decision will be made in the best interest of our Scholars and their futures.

All young adults and adults, regardless of family financial circumstances, will be able to graduate from college or earn a credential and secure a career that allows them to be economically independent.

We will rigorously review data to assess our impact, celebrate our successes, and develop robust plans to improve where needed.

We will strive to improve every day and continually work to make the program stronger for our Scholars.

To ensure Kansas City remains one of the greatest cities in the US, we must work collaboratively, with urgency, and be outcomes-focused.

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Number of Scholars Helped


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Female: 4537 Scholars
Male: 1943 Scholars
No Response: 269 Scholars

Total Demographics

Black/African-American: 2763 Scholars
Asian: 329 Scholars
Hispanic/Latino: 1358 Scholars
White Non-Hispanic/Latino: 1207 Scholars
Multiple Races: 228 Scholars
Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander: 6
American Indian/Alaksa Native: 34 Scholars
No Response: 498 Scholars
Other: 204 Scholars

Total: 6867 Scholars

Minimum Age
Median Age
Maximum Age

Job Training

Training Partners
Training Prorgams
Number of Students Enrolled In Training
Number of individuals who completed Great Jobs KC Program

The Great Jobs KC Job Training Program began in October 2022, providing tuition-free short-term training programs. With the support of Great Jobs KC, adults ages 17 and older can learn faster, develop the skills needed to earn between $45,000-$85,000 annually, and begin a fulfilling career in one year or less. Great Jobs KC also provides access to support services, including childcare and transportation support, to ensure that nothing gets in the way of program completion.

Information Technology





Service Careers

The KC Scholars Scholarship program awards college scholarships to students in their junior year of high school. With a total value of up to $50,000, the scholarship can be applied to any of our postsecondary network colleges or universities and can be used to help cover the costs of a Scholars’ education for up to six years.

Traditional Scholarship

Targeting individuals aged 18 or older, the Adult Learners scholarship offers a total value of up to $50,000. Scholars – including those with an associate degree – can apply the scholarship at one of the program’s postsecondary network institutions for up to six years.

Adult Learner

The KC Scholars Scholarship Program also offers high school freshman the opportunity to earn college funds through a 529 savings account. Awardees’ savings are matched at a rate of 1:1, with the potential to obtain $1,000. Scholars who achieve specific college preparation milestones during their high school careers receive up to an additional $400 in incentives. College Savings recipients are also eligible to apply for a Traditional Scholarship when they enter their junior year of high school.

College Savings


Scholars that Identified as First-Generation Students

"The KC Scholars Program has opened a big door for me, now I can inspire other girls in my community."

- Elizabeth Lavalle

Even with all of our IMPACT this year, there were still 600 qualified students that went unawarded. Help support the dreams of our community. Invest in the future of Kansas City!

We Awarded

Scholarships to Scholars since 2017

Our Success Model

Help 50,000 adults secure careers of $45,000-$85,000 per year plus benefits.

*Published November 2023 with Data through June 2023

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