Great Jobs KC

Great Jobs KC

Dedicated to Her Dream – Lisa Wanjiru

Lisa Wanjiru completed her Certified Nursing Assistant (CAN) training with Great Jobs KC this past summer and is nothing but grateful for the experience. While attending school at MidAmerica College of Health Sciences, Lisa was connected with KC Scholars and began her relationship with her Scholar Advocate, Katie. Working previously as a Dietary Aid for three years, Lisa felt it was time for the next step in her career. After talking more to Katie, she saw this was good for her and started looking into new training fields.

After evaluating her experience, Lisa notes that she enjoyed the healthcare aspect of the Dietary Aid position but felt like she was doing the same tasks each day and wanted to have more of an impact on her patients. Her friends, coworkers, and parents mentioned working as a CNA, but she initially didn’t like that idea. After speaking more with her Scholar Advocate, she realized that CNA positions would allow her to provide better care like she wanted while offering higher pay. This helped her realize that she needed to put herself in a mindset to try something new and not say no immediately. Because she opened her mind to the idea of a new career path, she has opened her doors to many more opportunities, such as Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) roles.

Lisa dedicates her success to her Scholar Advocate, Katie. She describes her as a fantastic person she is forever grateful for and hopes she can help someone in the same way Katie helped her. The best part of Great Jobs KC for Lisa can also be credited to Katie. She shares how Katie improved the whole experience, “It makes me feel over the moon to receive this kindness. Knowing someone supports you emotionally and physically and having someone there to talk about things I am going through. She would even give me advice on what to do or how to achieve something when I thought I wouldn’t be able to achieve it”. While Katie was one of the best parts of Lisa’s experience, she also shares that recognizing herself as a KC Scholar is very special to her.

Lisa shared that receiving her certificate of completion of the Great Jobs KC program was a great accomplishment. Because of the higher pay through CNA positions, Lisa can get back on track to meet her lifelong goals – to go back to college to finish her Performing Arts degree. By having this better-paying job, Lisa can save money faster to finish what she started, something she only dreamed of. Great Jobs KC was an influential stepping stone to get her to meet her life goals. When asked what she would tell friends and family about Great Jobs KC, Lisa said it’s the best place to be. She thinks everyone should try it and see how far they can go, “No words can say enough, sincerely and humbly, thank you for everything you’ve done to help me”. Lisa believes KC Scholars is a beautiful program that will be a part of the rest of her life.

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