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Dog Grooming

What is it?

A dog groomer is a professional who specializes in the care and hygiene of dogs. They ensure that pups look and feel their best by performing a variety of tasks, typically in dedicated grooming salons, mobile grooming units, or pet care facilities. Here’s a breakdown of their key responsibilities:

Bathing and Brushing:

  • Bathing dogs using specialized shampoos and conditioners: This involves preparing the bathwater, selecting appropriate products based on the dog’s coat type and skin condition, and gently washing and rinsing the dog thoroughly.
  • Drying dogs using dryers and brushes: After the bath, groomers carefully dry the dog’s fur using professional dryers and brushes, ensuring they reach all areas to prevent moisture buildup and potential skin problems.
  • Brushing and combing to remove mats and tangles: They use various brushes and combs to detangle fur, remove loose hair, and promote a healthy, shiny coat.

Haircutting and Styling:

  • Trimming and clipping fur according to breed standards or owner preferences: Groomers use clippers, scissors, and other tools to achieve the desired haircut style, following breed-specific guidelines or owner instructions while ensuring the cut is comfortable and suitable for the dog’s activity level and climate.
  • Styling and finishing touches: This may involve trimming nails, cleaning ears, and applying finishing touches like bows or bandanas, depending on the owner’s request and the occasion.
  • Checking for fleas, ticks, and other parasites: Groomers are trained to identify signs of parasites and may recommend appropriate treatment or prevention methods to pet owners.
  • Cleaning teeth: Some groomers offer teeth cleaning services, brushing the dog’s teeth with pet-safe toothpaste to promote oral hygiene.
  • Providing basic first aid: They may be trained to administer basic first aid to address minor cuts, scrapes, or other non-emergency situations.
  • Adhering to safety protocols and maintaining a clean work environment: Maintaining a clean and safe work environment is crucial to prevent the spread of germs and ensure the well-being of both dogs and groomers.
  • Work setting: The specific tasks may differ slightly depending on whether they work in a grooming salon, a mobile grooming unit, or a pet care facility.
  • Level of experience: Entry-level groomers might assist experienced professionals with basic tasks like bathing and brushing, while senior groomers might handle more complex haircuts, styling, and pet care procedures.
  • Clientele: The type of clientele and their specific requests can influence the groomer’s tasks. For example, groomers who specialize in show dogs might focus on precision cuts adhering to breed standards, while others might cater to pet owners seeking practical and comfortable haircuts for their furry companions.

* Salary Range

$24,900 - $34,000

(entry level – experienced)

* Regional Jobs Available


(3 year forecast)

Length of Training

23 weeks

Type of Training

In Person

Is it Right For You?

Here are some essential skills and qualities for success as a dog groomer:

  • Love for animals: A genuine passion for animals and their well-being is essential, as the job requires patience, understanding, and gentle handling of dogs of various temperaments and sizes.
  • Physical stamina and strength: Bathing, drying, and grooming dogs can be physically demanding, requiring stamina, strength, and good posture to handle various tasks and maintain proper form throughout the day.
  • Patience and gentleness: Dogs may feel nervous or anxious during grooming sessions. A calm and patient demeanor, coupled with gentle handling techniques, is crucial for building trust and ensuring a positive experience for the animals.
  • Attention to detail and accuracy: Achieving the desired haircut style and ensuring thorough cleaning and hygiene require a keen eye for detail and the ability to follow instructions and standards precisely.
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills: Effective communication with pet owners is important for understanding their preferences, addressing concerns, and providing recommendations for their dog’s care.

Overall, a career as a dog groomer offers a rewarding path for individuals who are passionate about animals, enjoy working with their hands, and possess the necessary skills to provide excellent care and maintain the overall well-being of canine companions.

* Pay Range Data: Occupational Employment Wages Statistics (OEWS). 2023-Q3.
* Demand: Forecast data is based off national projections provided by the BoLS and adapted for regional growth patterns by Chmura.