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Great Jobs KC

Finding His Path with KC Scholars Scholarship Program – Talha Agha

Talha Agha first heard about KC Scholars through one of his teachers, Mr. Reys. Talha mentions how Mr. Reys impacted his decision to apply to KC Scholars as he is one of the program’s biggest supporters and gives 100% of his time and effort to get his students to apply. Without Mr. Reys, Talha may never have become a KC Scholar, “My journey wouldn’t at all be possible if it wasn’t for the amazing teachers I’ve had along the way. Each and every one of them deserves recognition for helping make me the man I am,”.

After his teachers helped connect him to the program, Talha soon began his experience with KC Scholars. While Talha has had active support from his teachers, KC Scholars ensured they would provide the same. His Scholar Advocate made sure to stick by his side with anything he may need. Talha mentions how having a Scholar Advocate has meant so much. It made him feel supported and showed him that receiving a scholarship from KC Scholars is not only financial support but transitional support that he may need, “It really shows you that this scholarship isn’t just cash or a check, it’s a support system too”. Talha recommends that anyone interested should apply to the programs at KC Scholars. He further explains that everyone should take advantage of the opportunities provided by KC Scholars because they are a blessing.

One of Talha’s favorite experiences with KC Scholars is meeting the people involved in the process and program. He recently attended the first annual Scholar Engage Conference, where he had the opportunity to meet incredible people, from the sponsors who make it all happen to the other inspiring Scholars a part of the program. He shares how he met two Scholars at the conference and has since remained in contact with them.

While Talha is still deciding what school he hopes to attend, the University of Missouri is on his list. Wherever he attends, he hopes to pursue a degree in either biology or biochemistry. For Talha, getting into medical school is the ultimate goal, so having the right path to get him there is super important. Although he hasn’t picked a specialty, he hopes to be a physician someday. No matter how he chooses, Talha’s opportunities are endless with the help of KC Scholars.

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