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Moving Up in IT – Taelor Barrett

Taelor Barrett Jones found her passion in the IT field but was ready to move her career to the next level. Taelor knew she would need to find a program to help her implement her goals. Later, she received an email from the Missouri Department of Social Services introducing KC Scholars and explaining what relevant programs were available through Great Jobs KC. Because Taelor was motivated to find a way to get more certifications to help her stand out within her career field, she decided to apply for Great Jobs KC and see what they could do for her.

Before training with Great Jobs KC, Taelor worked as a fraud specialist. Once she had a chance to speak with someone about the many programs available, Taelor started the training path for Google IT Support. After completing this training program, Taelor began working as a Cybersecurity Analyst, opening new career goals. Taelor’s role combines security and network as she monitors the company’s network to ensure no authorized personnel use it. She shares that the job has an added challenge because of everyday changes, but she enjoys it since her day-to-day is no longer stagnant or boring. Because she is now in a better-paying job, Taelor can pay for more certifications she will need to help her move up in her career path.  

Having the support of a Scholar Advocate has meant the world to Taelor. Without the help of her Scholar Advocate, Taelor may not have the job she has now or been as successful as she knew she could be. The best part of Taelor’s experience with Great Jobs KC was seeing how many paths she could have taken based on her interests. She felt supported through her program to have complete knowledge of the process and steps to ensure she finished. Her journey with Great Jobs KC has helped her showcase her talent and ability to advance in her current field. She would like to continue taking more courses and advocate for new Scholars.

When starting a new field, Taelor recommends listening and making an effort to network with people in the same career field. You can learn a lot from the people in the industry, so pay attention and take notes. Taelor would like anyone interested to know that this program is worth your time. If you are ready to take the next step in your career, enroll in Great Jobs KC today.

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