Great Jobs KC

Great Jobs KC

Slam Dunk with KC Scholars Scholarship Program – David Cobin

David Cobin shares how being a KC Scholar has given him hope, knowing that the possibility to achieve his dreams in life through education is closer than ever before. After hearing about a family friend’s experience going through the program, David’s mother encouraged him to look into it. David started looking through the website and decided this was an opportunity he couldn’t pass up. To ensure he was taking the right steps, David had his family friend, a current Scholar, help him, and he soon was on track to be the newest KC Scholar.

Currently attending De Soto High School, David has started thinking about the next steps in his education. After being a part of his High Schools Tech Club, Wild Side, he has grown a strong interest in marketing and business. This club allowed David to try different marketing elements, such as Advertising, which he has enjoyed. He shares how this club has given him experience by advertising various events for the school to encourage the students to get involved. Because of this positive experience, he is interested in looking at similar clubs in college as he would like to pursue this as a career. David loves to take pictures and feels he has a real knack for connecting to people, which he believes are attributes that will set him apart in the advertising industry.

David’s current dream would be to find an advertising job within the sports realm. While he hasn’t chosen which school he will attend, he has received some offers to play basketball. Sports advertising is the highest on his radar since sports are a big part of his life. David would love to advertise for a sports team to help with tasks such as brand development or advertising merchandise. He sees himself working for a minor sports team to begin his career, as they usually don’t receive as much recognition, and then would love to work his way up to the basketball realm.  

Continuing his education as a first-generation college student means a lot to David. He prides himself on being different as he wants to take on the challenge and complete his degree. KC Scholars has allowed him to step outside his comfort zone to be himself. David lives with his mother and shares how this experience takes the stress off his mother’s back since she won’t have to spend nearly as much on tuition to get him to school. Additionally, David mentions how his mother loves contributing to the process by looking into the different schools and steps for his college journey.

Having received this scholarship, David reflects on how much joy this opportunity has brought him and his family. David would advise incoming Scholars or people interested in the program to always put their best efforts in, never give up, and “always believe that no one will judge you, so make sure you put your whole life into it”.

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