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Great Jobs KC

Transforming Her Career – Mia Ray

Mia Ray worked a typical office job after graduation, but it didn’t feel like the career she hoped to build. While working in a digital transformation company, Mia could see herself having a more significant impact. Unsatisfied with her current position, Mia was ready to try something to bring her career to the next level. By connecting with her old high school, University Academy Charter School, Mia learned more about the programs available through Great Jobs KC. After signing up and connecting with the right people, she was on track to make her career dreams come true.

By completing this program, Mia hopes to find a social media or content marketing position. Mia’s dream career would allow her to create campaigns or visuals that speak to people. She hopes to create communities with her work so people have a space to share common interests or mindsets. Mia has completed the Digital Marketing Science Course training path with Great Jobs KC, where she learned different tactical and strategic skills to help her excel in this field. Because Mia has access to the right tools, she can achieve her dreams better. By being able to build her skill set for the specific career she intends to have, she is setting herself up for success. She shares, “Dreams are just the end result. They become possible with the right mindset and tools”. Working through Greenfig, a partner of Great Jobs KC, she was able to experience high-quality training that she may not have received elsewhere.

By completing this course and having access to higher-paying roles, Mia believes this opportunity will help her build a life-long career and have better money-saving skills. Since there would be a pay increase with her new positions, the idea of budgeting is more realistic and manageable than before. With a more secure schedule and higher pay, Mia will have more time, energy, and capability to invest in herself to create a higher quality of life.

The support Mia has received through KC Scholars has been tremendous. Mia shares how having someone like her Scholar Advocate by her side through the process means a lot. It has made the whole process easier to better herself and learn new life tools to reach the financial freedom she is aiming for. Mia shares how everyone she has met at KC Scholars has been extremely friendly and is always willing to help her find a solution to anything she might need. The best part of Great Jobs KC for Mia was the people. By having this opportunity, she has met so many new people who have inspired her to keep working towards her goals.

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