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One down, 2-3 to go‼️

Eleven years ago, I started school at KU, excited for the journey ahead. Almost immediately after beginning my freshman year, my life was in shambles and I was forced to withdraw by that December. I returned to KU a total of three times and each time, chaos ensued.

Then in 2017, I was made aware of KC Scholars by a family friend. It sounded too good to be true at first. When I was awarded my scholarship, I knew that it was time to return to the fight and finish.

For the last 3.5 years I’ve been in a full-time student at UMKC, with a full-time career, while taking care of my son. There were countless days I wanted to give up. When we unexpectedly lost my dad to COVID in September, I felt like the wind and will to finish had finally been knocked out of me. Just like that, my biggest supporter was gone without even a chance to say goodbye.

Everything in me wanted to quit and I mean everything. But on January 1st, 2021 I got my wind back to finish the work. I was too close to give up!

I’ve been working for the federal government for almost 4 years as a federal contractor. There were instances in which I asked myself, why go back when you already have a well paying job? But I realized a good will never equate to the satisfaction of accomplishing your DREAMS! While at UMKC, I participated in my first internship (Donna Reed Foundation), was blessed to sit on Zoom with the mayor, KCK DA, and state congressman and others who are currently acting in roles that in reaching for on some way or another! Those were experiences I DREAMED about and KC Scholars made them come true.

With civic service in sight, I’m completing my degree this summer and looking to effect change locally and one day nationally/globally. It’s NEVER too late to achieve your dreams, it only means you’re more seasoned for the challenge!

One down, 2-3 to go‼️

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