Great Jobs KC


As we GROW, we ADAPT!

We are thrilled to share a significant milestone in our organization’s journey. We began our journey seven years ago as KC Scholars, a college scholarship program providing funding for college for those who otherwise could not afford it. Our goals haven’t changed. We’ve expanded how we deliver on our core value of SCHOLARS FIRST. We want to move 50,000 Kansas Citians from underemployment to family-sustaining careers with benefits in the next ten years. And we know college isn’t the ONLY path to a Great Job and that a degree alone doesn’t secure employment. For those reasons, we are broadening our organizational name to Great Jobs KC. KC Scholars will still be our college scholarship program. But, with the addition of our tuition-free job training program – called Great Jobs KC – and the development of our career resource team along with our employer engagement team, which is working to develop partnerships with KC area employers to secure ALL of our Scholars GREAT JOBS when they complete their program, we felt our organizational name should reflect ALL that we do.

We still provide support during application and through school or training but now we provide support in securing employment and throughout the first year in that GREAT JOB!

This evolution is a testament of our collective progress and vision as a community. Let’s stand united as we embark on this journey, strengthening our bond and moving forward with renewed energy.

Thank you for being an integral part of it all. Here’s to a future filled with innovation, growth, and mission success!

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Our expanded mission is:
To provide access to college scholarships and tuition-free job training along with employment assistance to secure family-sustaining jobs for low- to modest-income individuals in the Kansas City Area.
Our new web address is: 
Our new social media handles are @GreatJobsKC
Our email addresses have not changed yet. As we make any additional changes, we will provide you with updated information.
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Our new logos can be downloaded here!

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