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A Donor Reflection on Why They Support KC Scholars

We are thrilled to participate in KC Scholars. Mr. Kauffman would be thrilled to see how his generous legacy to our city is being spent for the benefit of needy students, as he envisioned many years ago. Many lives are being highly impacted for the better, thanks to him and KC Scholars!
KC Scholars is a wonderful and much-needed resource for college-bound students in our region. As president of the New Frontier Educational Foundation, I advocated strongly for our participation in KC Scholars. We are able to direct our giving to benefit students of Frontier Schools, now the largest charter school operation in Kansas City.  While we have a 100% on-time graduation rate, our students are financially disadvantaged, often the first generation in their families to even aspire to attend college.  And once they graduate from high school with a KC Scholars scholarship, students have a real chance of having most of their tuition, board and books paid for during their undergraduate years of college.  This is an astonishing opportunity!

Students can select from one of seventeen major institutions of higher learning in our region. Donations are highly leveraged and easily administered, and KC Scholars is managing the selection process. We can now attract donors who wish to benefit Frontier graduates by partnering with donors on a tax-deductible basis. Donors love how easy it is to participate.

Gregory M. Rieke

President, New Frontier Educational Foundation

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