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I Don’t Know What To Major In – How Do I Pick A Major That I Actually Want?

What should I major in? This question rattles around students’ brains for the years approaching college, and it can honestly be very stressful. It is a big question and can be the jumping-off point for your life and career. The last thing you want to do is choose something you won’t enjoy or will end up changing. Before taking the leap of selecting a major, take some time to reflect and truly understand yourself, your desired future, and what options there are to choose from. 

Deciding how to pick a major might look different for everyone, but there are a few basic rules of thumb to pay attention to. Ultimately, take your time, listen to your needs, and don’t rush into anything before you have the time to assess the situation. 

1. What Actually Interests You? 

While our interests can vary from TV and movies to writing or science, there are bound to be certain interests that fall under an academic category. Students who choose a major they actually have an interest in can be more motivated or fulfilled. 

If you have always been fond of marine biology or old literature, don’t let that interest fade. Take this time to write down a list of academic topics that interest you and that you find fulfilling, and use that list to move forward in your choices. 


2. What Are You Good At? 

Ultimately, while you are going to college to learn and grow, it can be essential to have the basics of the major down and comprehensible beforehand. If you have never been quite good at math and choose a major in mathematics, you might be face to face with classes that are unsuitable for you. That is okay, though. 

From the list of interests you have created, go through those and find the ones you have succeeded in or excelled at in the past. Or, add your natural talents and skills to the list and see how you can combine anything or find new areas to look into. Choosing a major that you already have abilities in can only help. 


3. What Does The Field Look Like? 

When you are able to narrow down to a certain amount of fields, it can be wise to research what that field looks like. This can help you see if it is really something you can see yourself doing in the future. For example, what is the usual pay in the industry? Is it strictly a work-from-home or an in-office job? Can you travel or have a life outside of your job? Will the need for this industry still be around in five to ten years?

While it is good to pick a major that you are interested in and passionate about, looking into the job’s reality can ensure you are choosing something stable. 


4. Will You Still Enjoy It Later On? 

This might be a question you can’t fully answer, but it can be your way of predicting how you will be in the years to come. If you choose majors you are not interested in or can’t connect with, it will be harder to find that spark and enjoy it as you grow into the field. This is the same for fields you might like now but get sick of after some time. If you have the slightest of feelings that the major you are going to pick will bore you or make you unhappy down the road, it could be time to look at the other options on your list. 


5. What Do Your Advisors Have To Say? 

Your school counselor, advisor, or mentor is the best source of support and information. It is their profession to help students find a field they will love and walk them through the process of finding a school in their budget and preference. 

They might bring up majors you have yet to consider or provide you with a sounding board to allow you to voice your questions and concerns about your future. You don’t have to make this decision alone. Your family, friends, and advisors are there to help you choose the perfect major that fits you and your future goals. 

If you have further questions about your future or your academics, reach out to the team at KC Scholars!

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