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Starting Her New Adventure – Rachel Reardon

Rachel Reardon is making her childhood dreams come to life with Great Jobs KC. Rachel’s mother told her about Great Job KC because she knew it offered a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) training course and encouraged her to look into it. After her mother’s passing in April 2022, Rachel moved out of Georgia and back home to Missouri to fulfill this lifelong dream.

Before starting her relationship with Great Jobs KC, Rachel was working as a Shift Lead at Bath and Body Works, making barely enough to survive. When she decided to pursue Great Jobs KC, she knew she was ready to do and give more in life, especially since she was coming out of a long-term abusive relationship. Rachel’s biggest motivation was her mother’s passing, “She had passed suddenly in her home all alone with COPD [Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease]. I felt that had I known more about the disease and ways to treat it, she maybe could have had a better quality of life”. After two significant life changes, Rachel felt what better way to learn and prove her worth than to start a new adventure.

Her adventure began with completing her Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) and Certified Medication Treatment (CMT) certifications in only a year. By completing this, she hopes to work towards her Bachelor of Science in Nursing within the next year or so. A better-paying career will bring many opportunities into Rachel’s life, such as supporting herself and her family independently, purchasing a new car, and buying her own home. Recently, Rachel has been offered a position at the main hospital of KU Medical Center, where she will soon begin her newest role as a Patient Care Assistant floating over the entire hospital in all departments.

Rachel recognizes the undedicated support given to Scholars. The best thing that Rachel has found with Great Jobs KC is that the organization is always there to help those needing to learn how to start a new career path. In addition, Rachel found that the support resources available can help someone improve their skill sets to better themselves in their careers. Finally, and most importantly, the Scholars feel seen and know that they can positively contribute to the workforce community. The encouragement from individuals such as her Scholar Advocate means the world to her, “It makes me feel amazing that someone is supporting me through my journey and is always making sure I am trying to better myself and the world”.

Rachel’s recommendation to anyone considering starting a program would be to reach out and speak with someone about the fantastic opportunities available at Great Jobs KC. She reflects on her experience and recognizes how this is the best thing that happened, especially at the time it did, and that Great Jobs KC has improved her life tremendously. Without the help of KC Scholars, Rachel thinks she would still be working a dead-end job and would have never had the chance to reach her full potential. However, since she took the time to reach out and see what resources were available, her quality of life has dramatically improved. This experience allowed her to reach for her dreams and become the healthcare worker she always wanted to be!

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