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Great Jobs KC

Third Times a Charm – Tina Downey

Tina Downey is a KC Scholar Adult Learner who has returned to school more ready than ever. While Tina was a senior in High School, she received a full-ride scholarship to Clark in Atlanta. During the school year, she became pregnant, and her main priority was raising her newborn. By doing so, she gave up her scholarship to Clark and put her dreams of attending college aside for a bit. When she started looking into returning to school, Tina was experiencing seizures triggered by stress, which, again, caused her thought of returning to college to be put on the back burner. With her health back on track and her children older, Tina decided to give college another go!

 Tina heard about KC Scholars from a representative providing information at her children’s school and noticed the adult learner scholarship. This intrigued Tina, and she inquired more about the scholarship specifics and decided to get started. As a first-generation student, going to college means the world to Tina, “Not only am I honoring the ones who were not able or capable of achieving their dreams and goals through education, but I am also paving the way for the generation after me by showing the example of perseverance, so they know it does not have to end here with me”. She attended Penn Valley with the support of KC Scholars, where she received her associate degree in arts. Now, she is attending the University of Missouri, Kansas City, to continue her undergraduate degree. She will double major from UMKC in Communications and Business, emphasizing Non-profit Management. Upon completing her degree, she hopes to get a job at a corporation as a community manager or community director to gain experience before someday starting her own nonprofit.

The best part of Tina’s experience with KC Scholars is her interaction with the staff. She was greeted with excitement and encouragement when she went to the office after she graduated with her associate degree. This made her feel like she wasn’t on this journey alone and that KC Scholars is here to help their Scholars succeed and win! During her schooling, Tina understood more about KC Scholars through the help of her Scholar Advocate, “Yes, the financial support is amazing. However, to have someone there to point you in all the right directions, link you with all the connections, and make sure you have all the support you need is priceless”. Tina recommends to anyone in KC Scholars that if you want an education, earn money, learn new skills, and better yourself, signing up for KC Scholars will be one of the best decisions you can make!

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