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Great Jobs KC

Working Towards a Better Life – Willis Reed

In 2020, Willis Reed was determined to start his business. He began working on his box truck as an Owner-operator with Amazon Relay. Unfortunately, he faced some mechanical issues after getting his business up and running, which forced him to close operations. This made Willis face extreme financial difficulties. However, Willis was resilient and refused to give up, so he began looking for his next steps to get back on track. Willis connected to a Veteran Assistant to find a way to earn his Class A Commercial Driving License (CDL). This is where Willis was first introduced to KC Scholars. After looking further into the organization, Great Jobs KC seemed like the perfect opportunity for him to start building his career back. Willis started the program and completed his CDL test with Zeta Driving School in Kansas City. With his program completed, Willis began work as a solo dedicated Route Driver at Swift Transportation. Willis recognizes that this better-paying position will help him get his finances back on track to buy a new truck and reset his business.  

The best part about the program for Willis was seeing how many great, solid jobs were available that he may have needed help finding on his own. Additionally, he shares how he appreciates the staff’s responsiveness to his needs. They were able to help him start his training quickly and connect him to quality jobs. His Scholar Advocate also provided him with assistance he didn’t expect at first, “The support has been great! As a Veteran, oftentimes when you need assistance, not many are willing to help. But my interaction with all within the KC Scholars program was great!”. After finishing his time with Great Jobs KC, Willis would tell anyone looking for a better job or trying to transition as he has to reach out to Great Jobs KC, “Great Jobs KC should be your first choice”.

Without the motivation or dedication to achieve a better life, success like Willis’ wouldn’t be seen. Willis shares that his motivation has been to get into the transportation industry and one day own and operate his business again. He wants to be someone young people can admire, especially as an Army Veteran, and show them how to be successful business owners. Willis is one of the many examples of Scholars that Great Jobs KC has helped to get back on the track they want.

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