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Scholarship Application Tips

Here Are Some Helpful Tips to Simplify Your Traditional, Adult Learner, or College Savings Match Application Process.

  • Choose wisely. Ask someone who knows you well and confirm with them in advance that they are willing to provide you with a strong recommendation. If they are unsure, select someone else.
  • Ask your recommender which email you should use for the application; you will need to enter it into your application. Let your recommender know they will receive an email from
  • Ensure you enter the recommender’s email correctly in your application.
  • Give your recommender plenty of time to complete the recommendation.
  • Write your personal statements in a Word document, then when you are ready, copy and paste them into the application portal.
  • Write your response to the prompts given.
  • Personal statements should be 250-750 words each.
  • Use the proper number of examples requested.
  • Draw clear connections between the elements you discuss within a personal statement.
  • Re-read your statement for accuracy, grammar, and tone.
  • Have someone you trust proofread it for you and provide feedback.
  • Look over your personal statements one more time after pasting them into the application portal.

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