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UCM Announces the Opportunity Scholarship for KC Scholars

The University of Central Missouri recently announced a new Opportunity Scholarship for KC Scholars which will begin Fall 2021. To aid in KC Scholars’ persistence and completion of college and help ensure that they are not taking on student loan debt, UCM is providing additional financial support to Scholars to help meet any unmet need.

For 11th grade (Traditional) KC Scholars scholarship awardees:

This UCM opportunity scholarship will cover the full published cost of attending UCM including tuition, general fees, textbooks, residence halls, and meal plan. This is a last dollar scholarship that will pay for any remaining need the student has after all other aid has been added to the student’s account. The only cost not included within this scholarship are flight fees associated with our aviation program. We will also include an additional amount to help cover travel expenses each semester to travel home or use for other expenses the student might incur. 

For Adult Learner KC Scholars scholarship awardees:

This scholarship will cover all the student’s tuition and general fees and textbooks throughout the year after all other aid has been applied. The only costs the students will have to cover is housing if they decide to live on campus. 


Once KC Scholars are enrolled at UCM, they must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or greater each academic year and remain eligible for renewed scholarship funding per KC Scholars Guidelines.


  • Scholars previously or currently enrolled at UCM will not be eligible for the opportunity scholarship. Only new incoming Scholars who enroll in FA21 or beyond are eligible.
  • The above will start in FA21.
  • UCM aid will be after all other KC Scholars, federal, state, and institutional aid has been applied and funds described above would cover any remaining costs after all other sources of aid are applied.
  • UCM aid will cover up to the $19,000 total per student for the remaining costs. UCM will fill the remaining unmet need up to $19,000.
  • This scholarship will be renewable for up to 8 semesters of enrollment at UCM.
  • UCM aid will be included on the financial aid summary provided to the student, to include language in the award letter to provide clarity to the estimate and that we would have a final number after other scholarships and costs are associated with the student’s account after enrollment.

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